Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund to host endocrinologist Dr. Danielle Weiss at General meeting Sept. 12


The Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund will host its first General Meeting of the 2011-2012 year on Monday, Sept. 12, at 9:30 a.m, at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe’s Garden Room.

The guest speaker for this meeting is Danielle Weiss, M.D., a Stanford-trained endocrinologist who specializes in metabolism, weight control, diabetes, hormonal issues and longevity. At the Center for Hormonal Health and Well-Being, Dr. Weiss takes a holistic approach to her patients and the condition of their health.

Dr. Weiss prides herself on spending time truly listening to your concerns and needs. She harnesses the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of healing and uses a team approach to develop a plan to address these issues together. Dr. Weiss will present two topics:

Vitamin D is the “hot” vitamin of the moment....both literally and figuratively! What makes this sunshine vitamin so important and why should everyone be taking? Find out Sept. 12 as Dr. Weiss discusses, “Vitamin D, a Hormone in Disguise.”

Also get “The Skinny on Fat,” an informative and engaging buffet-style overview of what we need to know about the one thing we love to HATE...fat. How do you have more than a fat chance of success with weight issues and the changes in metabolism that occur at different stages of life? How do you achieve your personal metabolic balance, improve your energy levels and enhance your longevity? Come find out from Dr. Weiss!

Registration fee is $10 per person. All women living in the Rancho Santa Fe area are invited to attend. To register or for more information, please contact: Nancy Hashim, programs administrator, at 858-756-0249;