Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund members make blankets for Angel’s Foster Family Network


Fifteen women from the RSF Women’s Fund recently measured, cut, and tied cuddly fleece blankets at the Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe.

The blankets will be gifts to the babies and young infants who will be placed within the Angels Foster Family Network.

Earlier in the year, the RSF Women’s Fund granted $40,000 to the organization to help publicize its need for additional foster parents. Unfortunately, the Angels Foster Family Network receives numerous calls on a daily basis from local hospitals, county placement officers and the Polinsky Children’s Center looking for caring homes to take care of the infants. The infants placed in the Angels Foster Family Network have been abused, abandoned or neglected. At the moment, there are more children in need of homes than there are homes for the children.

Cathy Hopf, one of the co-chairs of the volunteer committee with the RSF Women’s fund, came up with the idea to give the infants a soft, warm blanket that they can keep for a lifetime. Each of the blankets has knots on the side that the infants can play with and hold and large enough to wrap themselves in as they get older. Hopf and volunteer co-chair Becky Horowitz bought the material and organized the event.

A total of 21 blankets in three hours were made by the following RSF Women’s Fund members: Pat Coseo, Dolores Crawford, Diana Macek, Judy Moore, Janet Best, Annabel Moore, Janice Cannon, Lorraine Surnamer, Connie Pittard, Victoria Hanlon, Franci Free, Cathy Hopf, Becky Horowitz, Sue Sanderson and Gillian Gillies.

The Angels Foster Family Network is actively looking for parents who are willing to commit to caring for the child until a permanent loving home for the child is found. The screening process is more rigorous than the County regulations for foster parents, but the Angels network believe it is appropriate and worth it. An Angels’ child is placed in a “permanent” foster family that is prescreened and well prepared for the infant’s arrival.

If you are interested in the RSF Women’s Fund, please contact Nancy Hashim at 858-756-0249.

If you are interested in the Angel’s Foster Family Network, please call (619) 283-8100 or visit