Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund grants $250K to nonprofits


Last Wednesday night, May 15, was an evening of celebration for members of the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund as $250,000 in 2013 Grant Funds were awarded by the organization to six local nonprofits that address significant community needs. Kathi and Mike Mallick graciously hosted the event at their Rancho Santa Fe home.

Grants were awarded to the following six organizations (alphabetically):

1) Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, 2) Cancer Angels of San Diego,

3) San Diego County Medical Society Foundation, 4) Scripps Health Foundation/Scripps Encinitas Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, 5) Vista Community Clinic, and

6) Voices for Children. Most of the six nonprofits received the full amount of their grant requests, up to a maximum of $50,000.

Each year, members of the RSF Women’s Fund champion two focus areas of need in the community. This year the group’s giving focus was centered on “Social Services,” as well as “Health and Research.” More than 160 Letters of Interest were received from local nonprofit organizations vying for an opportunity to submit a formal grant proposal request.

The vetting process takes nine months. During this time, the RSFWF Grant Committee of volunteers reviews the intent letters individually. The women then select those that are anticipated to have the most impact in the community and invite 20 of these organizations to submit a grant proposal. When the formal proposals are received, the Grant Committee analyzes the organization’s infrastructure and financials, and finally visits the nonprofit organizations’ sites. The RSF Women’s Fund members, currently consisting of over 120 local women, then vote on which organizations will receive the grant funds.

RSF Women’s Fund Organization: Advisory Chair: Victoria Hanlon; Grants Committee Chair: Kate Williams; Grants Committee Work Group Leaders: Jinda Schatz/Catherine Hopf; Site Visit Coordinator: Diane Murphy; Grants Committee Financial Advisors: Sue Sanderson/Candise Holmlund; Grants Committee Workgroups: 30-plus dedicated RSFWF members. Membership in the RSF Women’s Fund is open to RSF women interested in philanthropy. Contact Nancy Hashim at

–Photos/McKenzie Images