Rancho Santa Fe Senior Scene: Medication-related problems: Managing your risk


By Terrie Litwin, RSF Senior Center, executive director

Medication Related Problems: Managing Your Risk

Older adults, as a group, have more health conditions that require medication management. The average person over age 65 uses 4.5 prescription medications and two over-the-counter medications at any given time. Medication therapy in seniors presents multiple challenges. Adverse drug effects are frequently the source of problems commonly associated with aging such as confusion, impaired motor function, and depression. Good medication management in the senior population involves identifying and resolving adverse medication events instead of treating them with additional medications. On Wednesday, May 30, at 2 p.m., Stephanie Matinpour, PharmD, CGP, will present “Medication Related Problems: Managing Your Risk”.

During this presentation, you will learn from a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist what you can do to minimize your risk of medication related problems and how you can assist a loved one who is having difficulty safely managing their medications at home. Dr. Matinpour is a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist who received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy, and completed her general Pharmacy Practice Residency at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Diego. She is a licensed pharmacist in the State of California and an active member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. Bring your medications with you and remain after the talk to speak with a pharmacist about your specific medication-related questions!

Sleep Medicine Expert to Speak

According to the National Sleep Foundation, along with the physical changes that occur with aging, changes to our sleep patterns are also part of the normal aging process. It is a common misconception that the need for sleep decreases as we age. Your physical and emotional health depends on good sleep. Truly restful sleep gives your body the time needed to regenerate and allows you to fight off illness, maintain a positive attitude, and enjoy each day. Lack of sleep can cause a host of problems, from irritability and fatigue, to chronic stress and depression. Over time, lack of quality sleep can contribute to serious health risks. A good night’s sleep is a serious matter for young and old alike.

Sleep medicine is a recognized medical sub-specialty. Physicians who specialize in sleep medicine focus on helping people who have persistent trouble with their sleep. They can detect and treat both common and rare sleep disorders. Please join us on Friday, June 8, at 2 p.m., for an informative presentation by Anoop Karippot, M.D. Dr. Karippot is board certified in psychiatry, neurology, and sleep medicine. He is on staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital and Scripps Mercy Hospital.