Rancho Santa Fe School Trustees salute students for perfect attendance


RSF School District Superintendent Lindy Delaney presented perfect attendance awards to students during the June 7 school board meeting in the Roger Rowe Performing Arts Center.

In addition, she singled out Jasmine Jaffee, a sixth grade student who had a perfect record – no tardies or absences – during all seven years in the Rancho Santa Fe School District, which she is leaving this year.

“Since kindergarten, that’s 2,260 days,” Delaney said.

Also honored, although not all were present, were: Kindergarten: Nylah King-Boyd and Brianna Rodriguez; First Grade: Rohan Desal, Maya Kenyon, Branden Recendiz, Darin Sahri, Cooper Vincik; Third Grade: Isaac Lustig; Fourth Grade: Aaron Lustig: Sixth Grade: Blake Fuller, Jasmine Jaffe, Hana Lustig and Alexandra Macia; Seventh Grade: Gillian Chaffer and Madison Klair; Eighth Grade: Romteen Sedighi and Nicole Serratos.

— Kathy Day