Rancho Santa Fe School to hold Career Expo


RSF-ED-logoR. Roger Rowe Middle School and The Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation will present a “Career Expo” May 23, from 8:15 a.m.-10:35 a.m., to inspire, interest and inform Middle School students by giving them early exposure to various career possibilities through the real world experiences of the school’s parents. Students will rotate through four group sessions led by parents experienced in areas such as technology, healthcare, entrepreneurship, real estate, law and finance. They will get a brief introduction to these sectors, what workers do in them, how they came to be in them and what opportunities might lie ahead.

The Career Expo provides students an opportunity to attribute new relevance and purpose to their studies and gives them a head start on gaining valuable perspectives that they may not get for many more years. It can position students to better tie their current and future studies into potential career interests and make more informed career choices down the road. The sessions promise to be interactive and dynamic engaging the students in the process.

The Middle School Career Expo is sponsored and organized by Greg and Rebecca Arnold and supported by the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation. The Career Expo is an exciting and dynamic experience for students, and is an excellent example of how the RSFEF contributes to the superior educational experience of the students of R. Roger Rowe. For more information, please visit the school website: