Rancho Santa Fe School to be honored by Kids Korps USA for ‘Acts of Kindness’

On April 28, during the Kids Korps Gala at the beautiful Del Mar Country Club, the Rancho Santa Fe School will be recognized for its dedication and commitment to developing a cohesive character development program.

It all started with one parent who spoke to another parent, who spoke to another, who spoke to the school, who jumped on board! According to Dana Knees, a board member for the school’s 5-Star Education Foundation and national board member for Kids Korps USA, “The team effort has been amazing! The learning from all of this success is that parents CAN make a difference by bringing ideas, a plan if you will, to the school that just makes sense.”

And the real key is for parents to assist educators execute every facet of the plan. According to Principal Kim Pinkerton, “Our job is to teach every student academic content, but its more than that, we strive to turn out well rounded children, by teaching and modeling respect, kindness, compassion, and leadership qualities throughout every element of the educational mix.”

Some of next year’s highlights in the school:

•Positive Discipline: A character building program initiated by Principal Kim Pinkerton and currently being taught to children in K-6th which includes teacher training and collaboration with teachers and parents.

•Honor Our Heroes: A program designed to highlight the accomplishments of students’ philanthropic work currently taking place outside of the school. The Wehlage family with their son Carson, successfully launched this, according to Dana Knees.

•Acts of Kindness Parties: Parties supported by the room parents replacing the traditional craft party with coming together to create items for those in need.

•Rachel’s Challenge: A philosophy which will become part of the school’s culture and turned into a week long event. The message is for children to be kind to one another and “pay it forward.” Recently a video launched by the schools grassroots RC Club was shown to the entire school. The Rachel’s Challenge events are a huge opportunity for guest speakers/role playing and curriculum implementation, headed up by Assistant Middle School Principle Paul Coco.

•Student Council: Two groups representing elementary and middle school that initiate school wide Acts of Kindness Events.

•And Finally Community Service: Every child and family will be encouraged and offered an amazing opportunity to enter their children and families into Kids Korps next year for just $10. This allows children and their families and their classrooms to go offsite to visit the Senior Centers, Military, Soup Kitchens, Ronald McDonald House, etc. Kids Korps USA also is a nationally recognized not for profit that will enable parents to keep track of their children’s community service hours. As children prepare for high school and college, community service is highly recommended.

Field trips and camps are planned if 100 percent participation is reached, according to Lindy Delany.

The RSF School will be honored for all of these efforts and hopes to begin a chain reaction for other schools to follow.