Rancho Santa Fe School students with perfect scores honored


By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe School Board Nov. 3 honored 49 students who achieved perfect scores on their STAR math, science and English language arts tests for the 2010-11 school year. Even some graduating eighth-graders, now freshmen in high school, came back to receive certificates of achievement.

“I am always very impressed with the number of students we have (achieving perfect scores),” said district Superintendent Lindy Delaney. “Also, the fact that you did your best and your best was perfect.”

Delaney said that she was proud of the students’ work ethic and how they serve as good examples to their fellow students.

Now fifth-grader Rachel Waite was the only student to score a 600 on both the STAR math and ELA test as a fourth-grader last year. Brandon Fitzpatrick and Alexi Stein, now in sixth and ninth grades respectively, were the only two students to score a perfect 600 on both their math and science STAR tests.

Students with a perfect score of 600 on their STAR math test: Dax Kay, Michael Kenyon, Zachary Kindel, Donovan Nelson, Katherine Arnold, Rhett Bailey, Seraphine Bustillos, Rocco Cappetta, Conrad Delgado, Benjamin Fitzpatrick, John Flaming, Anna Lauer, Marcus Phillips, Ella Rosenblatt, Shannon Buss, Tucker Drawdy, Sheila Kaiser, Jasmine King, James Licosati, Gabrielle Nguyen, Natalie Slosar, Meghan Sullivan, Carson Wright, Kerrie Lunsford, Breana Nguyen, Ashley Perison, Jackson Tuck, Nicholas VanHuizum, Lauren Flaming, Bennett McCaskill, Elizabeth Russell and Tiffany Zhang,

Students with a perfect score on their STAR science test: Tessora Bustillos, Grace Parker, Michael Rattner, Connor Bailey, Seamus Comerford, Jose Esquer, Hannah Grobisen, Meaghan Harrington, Michael Kim, Peter Lillian, Jonathan Luck, Spencer McKinney, Katherine Michel and Ethan Rappaport.