Rancho Santa Fe School students enjoy hands-on history lesson at Osuna Adobe



R. Roger Rowe third graders got their hands dirty on a recent field trip to Rancho Santa Fe’s Osuna Adobe, slapping a mud and hay mix into wooden forms to make their own adobe bricks. The students set each brick apart by imprinting their own handprints and initials or plunging in decorative rocks and flowers — once the bricks dried in a week or so the students would have a keepsake of their hands-on history lesson.

All four third grade classes from Rowe made the quick trip over to the Osuna Adobe, one of the oldest in California, built during the 1830s. The Association purchased the property in 2006.

“It’s great for the kids to be able to see an original adobe in their own community,” said teacher Janel Maud.

The trip complemented what they are learning in California history this year and RSF Association Senior Planner Kirk Dakan led students on a tour of the adobe and told of the area’s heritage all the way back to the Kumeyaay Indians.

This year is the second that Rowe students have come to the ranch and it is just the kind of community involvement the Association’s Osuna Committee has envisioned for the property, to “create a vibrant community resource for current and future generations.”

The students received a lesson in brick-making from Mark Sauer Construction, a company that has made necessary structural repairs to the adobe over the last two years. Troy Keenan, Osuna Ranch foreman, also helped the students and reminded them that they are welcome to come to the ranch any time.

“As Covenant members this belongs to you,” Keenan said. “This is a little gem in your community, come out and enjoy it.”