Rancho Santa Fe School Reunion


By Karen Billing

Bibbi Herrmann Conner hosted the fifth annual Day After Turkey Day Reunion at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe on Nov. 27.

The reunion brings together families that go back 30 to 70 years, graduates of Rancho Santa Fe School (R. Roger Rowe School). Some come from out of town but most still live in the community, such as Kim Snyder, who attended the school when it was still just a two-room schoolhouse.

The event is about “celebrating the magic we shared growing up together on the Ranch and giving thanks to those teachers and parents who forever touched our lives,” Herrmann Conner said.

Inside The Inn’s Croquet Cottage, the party brought together old friends and teachers as well as third generation Ranch children. The mantel at the cottage was decorated with a framed photo of longtime former RSF School District Superintendent R. Roger Rowe, as well as a framed Rowe quote: “What we have is a school that reflects this incredible community and children who go on to represent Rancho Santa Fe very well.”

Herrmann Conner said Dr. Rowe, who passed away in 2012, never missed reunion get-togethers so she always makes sure he is included.

Photos/Jon Clark