Rancho Santa Fe School provides update on tech upgrade costs


By Karen Billing

At the Sept. 6 RSF School board meeting, trustee Todd Frank asked superintendent Lindy Delaney for a comprehensive look at how much more they will have to spend and how close they are to their projected technology update costs.

Delaney provided an update at the Oct. 11 meeting. The original cost estimate for the iPad deployment was $304,500, and $338,318.84 has been spent so far. The total budget approved for the district’s technology upgrade is $607,796.37, which includes teacher computers, student computers, new servers, and Apple TV, among other items.

A total of $560,580 has already been paid of the $607,796 of approved costs.

Ben Holbert, technology director, said that the iPads went out to classrooms last week and it was interesting to see the technology on every desk, amid papers and books.

“I’m blown away by how quickly they have been integrated into daily work,” Holbert said.

Assistant superintendent Cindy Schaub said that teachers have really stepped up to the plate and are excited about finding ways to use the new technology with their curriculum.