Rancho Santa Fe School Book Fair coming Oct. 8-12


The Rancho Santa Fe School Book Fair is being held at the R. Roger Rowe School from Oct. 8-12, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Room 204 (two doors down from library). The entire community is invited to participate in this weeklong celebration of literacy.

This year’s theme is “The All-Star Book Fair,” where “Every Reader Is a Star!” The R. Roger Rowe space explorers are making discoveries every day through books. The exciting books included in this book fair challenge children to think beyond their world and develop their imagination. Perpetuating the goal of learning to love reading through this weeklong celebration helps lay the foundation for tomorrows explorers — today’s students!

“This year’s goal is to put books in the hands of every student and surpass all previous book fair attendance and sales,” said Ross Hansen, the school’s librarian. The school also has the opportunity to earn new books for the library and classrooms based on sales generated.

The Book Fair is a great way to connect kids with books they want to read, instill a love of reading, and promote literacy. Parents and children will find a diverse selection of books to fill their home library, featuring award-winning books and titles from leading authors — all at fantastic prices. There will be hundreds of books from a variety of publishers who specialize in children’s literature, including Scholastic itself.

Students will visit the Book Fair with their classes during the week and can make a wish list of books they would like to buy. Teachers also make wish lists for their classrooms. Parents can place their child’s name on a dedication sticker inside books they donate to their child’s classroom.

Community members and parent volunteers are essential each year to making the Book Fair a success! The RSF Education Foundation is looking for explorers throughout the community who are willing to share their experiences with the children. If they can spend one to two hours at the book fair, the Foundation will announce their scheduled appearance to the learning community. Volunteers are also needed throughout each sale day to help staff the registers. Community volunteers can contact Ross Hansen at 756-1141, ext 201. Parents can sign up through the parent volunteer link on the school’s website at


Don’t miss out; come discover how reading can be out of this world and attend the Book Fair at Rancho Santa Fe School Library, Oct. 8-12. More details on this event will be posted on the school’s website,

, or through the school’s librarian, Ross Hansen. He can be reached at