Rancho Santa Fe roundabout EIR to be released Dec. 10

By Karen Billing

San Diego County will issue its final environmental impact report on the proposed Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Highway roundabouts on Dec. 10. According to Ivan Holler, Rancho Santa Fe Association assistant manager, the release of the document will be accompanied by a 60-day public comment period, although based on the report’s content the Association could request an extension if necessary and historically the county has always granted that.

Roundabouts have been studied for the intersections of the highway at Via de la Valle, El Montevideo and El Camino Del Norte.

The three proposed roundabouts, projected to cost $6 million, seek to improve the functioning of intersections on the highway and provide a reduction in vehicle emissions and cut-through traffic.

The Via de la Valle roundabout would involve the most change by re-aligning Las Colinas further south to intersect at a more 90-degree angle with Via de la Valle and would also create a cul-de-sac on La Fremontia (currently a loop street). The Village Church would also lose a significant portion of its parking lot.

El Montevideo would be the only four-way roundabout while the other two would be three-way.

The roundabouts will be 102-110 feet in diameter with a 16-foot lane and a 12- to 15- foot-wide mountable apron for trucks with long trailers to circle through. Each roundabout will also have a 48- to 54-foot landscaped center.

At the roundabouts, there will be a push button-activated crossing light that is accessible at two heights for both a pedestrian and a mounted equestrian.

“The Association staff, once it’s received and reviewed the EIR, will schedule a meeting with the RSF Association board to review it and send notice to the members,” Holler said, anticipating that meeting will likely be in February.

Copies of the EIR will be available on the county’s website and a hard copy is typically made available at the Rancho Santa Fe Library.