Rancho Santa Fe resident’s Goodsnitch app shines light on the positive


By Karen Billing

Rancho Santa Fe resident Rob Pace is hoping his Goodsnitch app will help celebrate everyday heroes, people who go to their jobs each day often without ever being recognized for their hard work and service. Goodsnitch allows customers to quickly use the app to single out someone who is doing a great job.

“Where else can you make someone’s day in 30 seconds?” Pace said.

Pace said Goodsnitch is unique because often online commenting is negative — his app is trying to shine a light on the positive.

“Our goal is to recognize one million people, we’re on our way,” said Pace. “Our country needs more positivity across the board, at least that’s our vision.”

The Goodsnitch app launched in Apple App Store and Google Play Store in August of 2013.

Pace’s past experiences helped inform his vision for Goodsnitch. In his 20 years as a senior partner at Goldman Sachs, he observed over and over how important it was for customer engagement and for the team to recognize employees — to keep great people and maintain a successful culture is an intangible asset for a business.

“It always struck me how critical that was,” Pace said.

After leaving Goldman Sachs, he served four years as the national chairman for The Salvation Army, where he worked with people whose sole focus was to serve 30 million Americans in need, without ever expecting recognition or thanks.

“Goodsnitch was a head and a heart mission, to give new tools to encourage recognition and to give feedback that elevates people,” Pace said.

In creating Goodsnitch, Pace was confident in his knowledge of good business practices but he was admittedly unsophisticated in the field of technology.

He knew he needed a system that would work efficiently for some of the biggest brands in the country so he hired Pivotal Labs, a leading software development firm.

Goodsnitch allows people to give feedback on any business anywhere and do so in 30 seconds.

“It’s really, really fast,” Pace said.

Goodsnitch delivers every piece of comment back to the businesses. Most are positive and are posted in the Hall of Heroes. The comments with more constructive criticism go to the business privately. Pace said that’s how he thinks business should be handled, “celebrate publicly, fix privately.”

Pace said it’s a great free product for small businesses and they can respond back to customers through the app with thanks or offers.

Pace’s favorite feature of the app is the Heromaker, noting that positive feedback is relayed back to the businesses, whether they are signed up to the app or not.

Pace said he is always amazed by the stories they receive and would love to get more of them out into the world, such as the employee who helped save a lost dog or the waitress who served a homeless man a free meal with dignity.

Current local heroes include Kathy, who works at the Solana Beach Amtrak station, recognized for making a daily commute more pleasant, and Sarah, who works at VG Donuts in Cardiff, who was thanked for her cheerful attitude while serving a long line of customers

Pastor Miles McPhearson of the Rock Church often uses the app to recognize employees but also used it to recognize a woman who worked for US Airways.

When the woman was asked how she felt about being singled out as a hero, she said she wanted to cry because her job is often a thankless one and she gets “beat up” by customers every day.

“It just shows how powerful it is,” Pace said.

Goodsnitch also has a product for its larger clients, such as the Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Padres and Life Technologies — they are able to purchase and plug Goodsnitch technology into their own product. Pace said having bigger companies pay for their custom products allows them to offer Goodsnitch to nonprofits free of charge.

“It’s more than just a business for us,” said Pace. “My passion is to encourage people who don’t ever get the encouragement and recognition they deserve.”

To check out the Hall of Heroes, visit The app is also available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.