Rancho Santa Fe residents elected as delegates to the Democratic National Convention


Rancho Santa Fe residents were among delegates recently elected to represent the 49th Congressional District at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. The convention will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina from Sept. 3-6.

Carol Waldman and Michael Gelfand of Rancho Santa Fe, along with Francine Busby of Cardiff, Maureen Sweeney of Solana Beach, Kyle Krahel and Willie Little of Oceanside, and K. Thomas Bose of Carlsbad won at the district-level delegate caucus held April 29. The 49th Congressional District includes most of the northern coastal area in San Diego, as well as the southern tip of Orange County.

Convention delegates will travel to North Carolina this fall to cast their votes to officially nominate President Barack Obama for a second term and to approve the Democratic National Party platform.

“I am beyond thrilled to be among the over 5,500 delegates nation-wide who will nominate the President for re-election at the convention and it will be an honor to represent my district,” said Carol Waldman, a full-time mother.

California is awarded a total of 547 delegates and 46 alternates to the Democratic National Convention. The California Delegation has traditionally been one of the most diverse delegations in years past, and expects the 2012 delegation to reflect the multitude of California Democrats united for victory in 2012.