Rancho Santa Fe resident wins ribbon at San Diego County Fair photography contest


Rancho Santa Fe resident Bruce Hubbard had the misfortune of losing 40 years of large format black and white negatives in the Witch Creek Fire of 2007. After taking an understandable break from photography to rebuild his house, Hubbard switched from analogue photography to digital technology once he started taking pictures again. Digital photography advancements by that time allowed him to achieve the tonal depth in black and white prints that he had been able to achieve in silver halide prints. Although an amateur photographer, Hubbard has previously won many awards, including placing second in the San Diego Fair international photography contest.

Hubbard is competitive once again and this year had four images accepted in the San Diego Fair Exhibition of Photography contest. He won a ribbon in the “Color: People” category, the largest category of entrants. In addition to portraiture, Hubbard does landscape photography and also images of a contemplative nature.