Rancho Santa Fe Players shine in ‘Alice in Wonderland’

The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ cast
Co-directors Mike Shantz and Beth Gallagher

RSF Players dazzled the audience with their performance of “Alice in Wonderland” on Dec. 12 at the school’s Performing Arts Center.

Cast (in order of appearance) included: Alice: Janna Shakiba; Margaret: Angela Suastegui; the White Rabbit: Jillian Cooper; the Cheshire Cat: Jasmine King; the Duchess: Emma Ritto; the Knave of Hearts: Kylie Ade; the King of Hearts: Alex Dienstbier; the Mad Hatter: Cameron Lee-Bellows; the March Hare: Channing Magee; the Dormouse: Katrina Nakamura; the Queen of Hearts: Rachel Waite; the Gryphon: Savvy Denney; the Mock Turtle: Caroline Leavitt. Directors: Beth Gallagher and Michael Shantz; set design: Beth Gallagher; set construction: Foster Lighting Design, Andrew Miller; sound design: Beth Gallagher; stage manager: Rachel Waite; tech team: light board operator: Andrew Conley, sound board operator: Wil Tyner. Photos/Jon Clark