Rancho Santa Fe Performing Arts Center fees set


By Karen Billing

With its new Performing Arts Center open and people requesting to rent it, the Rancho Santa Fe School District was taxed with setting a fee schedule for renters. Superintendent Lindy Delaney selected rates by comparing with similar size venues—the school will charge $800 for five hours for non-profit organizations and $1,200 to for-profits. Non-profits are charged lower rates due to the Civic Center Act Law.

“Our prices are on the higher end which I think they should be,” said Delaney, considering the state-of-the-art facility.

School board president Richard Burdge expressed concern that it was too good a deal and wanted to make sure that their cleaning and damage deposits could adequately cover any problems renters should cause.

The board settled on $600 deposits for non-profits and $900 to for-profits.

Delaney said adjustments could be made in the future as the facility starts to get rented out.