Rancho Santa Fe Patrol offers unique services to Covenant residents with special security needs


While most Covenant residents know that the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol provides basic security services to the RSF Association and its membership, Covenant residents may be unaware that the RSF Patrol can provide additional services to those who have special security needs.

RSF Patrol Chief Matt Wellhouser said the Patrol’s experienced staff of former law enforcement personnel can customize security plans and apply them to meet the specific needs of residents who have unique requirements for reasons such as profession/identity, family matters, property/home issues and more.

The Patrol has resources and works closely with the Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies. Wellhouser added that the Patrol can assist residents with threat assessment/security plans, as well as involve all of its resources to create these security plans.

“Very often we work with corporate security, State, local and Federal agencies on individual members’ security issues. Some of these issues may be because of the person’s business or public notoriety,” Wellhouser said.

For more information on the RSF Patrol services available, contact Chief Matt Wellhouser or Sergeant Guy Lemieux at 858-759-8588.