Rancho Santa Fe Middle School enrollment up


By Karen Billing

R. Roger Rowe School is seeing its biggest increase in enrollment for the 2012-13 school year in its middle school classes, according to Superintendent Linda Delaney.

There are four new eighth-graders enrolled with two registration packets out and seventh grade has two new students with four registration packets out. Middle school is now at an enrollment of 108 seventh-graders and 80 eighth-graders.

So far 23 kindergartners are enrolled with 21 registration packets out, so Delaney said by August they will make a decision on having two or three kindergarten classes.

First grade has 52 students with one registration packet out. Second grade has 61 students enrolled with two registration packets out and third grade has 63 students.

Delaney said they will watch the second- and third-grade situation carefully to decide if there is a need for combination classes.

There are 75 fourth-graders, 81 fifth-graders and 89 sixth-graders with two registration packets out.

The school hopes to keep its classroom ratios at 20:1.