Rancho Santa Fe Literary Society features Jennet Conant

Author Jennet Conant, fifth from left, with San Dieguito Academy students and teachers Kelsey Kanzler, Robert Ross, Brianna Schenkhuizen, Erika Shaw, Brigitte Williamson, Jillian Haines, Lonnie Sefarik

Jennet Conant was the guest speaker at Rancho Santa Fe Literary Society luncheon Feb. 21 at The Grand Del Mar. She is a former journalist and the author of four best-selling books about World War II. Her latest book, “A Covert Affair,” focuses on the lives of iconic chef and food writer Julia Child, her husband, Paul, and two friends, all of whom met and served together overseas in the U.S, wartime spy agency, the OSS, and their subsequent troubles during the McCarthy era

The annual six-event luncheon series is sponsored by Northern Trust, the RSF Literary Society, the RSF Community Center and this newspaper. The next luncheon on Friday, March 21, will feature British-born American writer Helen Simonson and her debut novel, “Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.”

Photos: Jon Clark