Rancho Santa Fe: Liens placed on delinquent Association members’ homes


Karen Billing

Staff Writer

Twelve liens will be placed on Rancho Santa Fe Association properties as the owners have missed their assessment payments. Steve Comstock, chief financial officer, said the liens are the final steps in the collection process, along with the suspension of membership privileges.

“This is where the teeth come out,” Comstock said, noting individuals will often pay up when the lien is threatened.

The 12 owners on the list are delinquent on their first and second installments of their 2010-11 assessments. Of the 12 individuals, two are responsible for $40,000, which is two-thirds of the total delinquent amounts owed.

Comstock said the delinquencies are a reflection of what has happened in the economy over the last years. Last year liens were placed on 17 parcels, so having only 12 with two making up the majority of the amount owed is a significant improvement.

The Association has been diligent but not too aggressive in its collection efforts, and over the last month the Association has brought the number down from 32 delinquent members owing a total of $120,000 to 23 members with under $60,000 owed.