Accomplishments of Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild speak volumes


The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild was held on Tuesday, April 7, and the outlook was as sunny as the library’s rose-filled patio. Membership in the Guild is at 425 and, according to treasurer Lynn Terhorst, the Guild had a very strong year with donations. They were able to sign a new lease with the county with favorable terms, complete ADA upgrades with more improvements in the works, pay for six part-time employees and a children’s librarian, and meet their goals of stimulating the literary and educational interests of the community through the library.

According to RSF Library Guild President Art Yayanos, the Guild received $54,000 from the County Board of Supervisors’ neighborhood reinvestment program and, last June, were able to complete ADA work, including a new bathroom and proper ramp and parking spaces.

This year they hope to complete a project to replace all of the library lighting with LED lighting. The project will cost $12,000, but will save about $5,000 a year.

“Your participation in programs and your volunteerism beyond question is enormously important to this organization,” Yayanos said.

The Guild is also working with the county to improve the library’s front patio area to provide more gathering spaces with five benches and two tables with café-style umbrellas. The patio, currently in bloom with roses, will feature furniture made possible by a substantial donation from the estate of Nan Werner, a longtime Guild member who passed away last year.

In the recently held guild elections, 110 voters approved the board slate. The board includes: vice president: Harry Bord, secretary: Kathy Stumm; treasurer: Lynn Terhorst; Book Cellar manager: Terry Weaver; publicity: Nancy Miller, ways and means: Susan Stone Hayes, special events: Vivien U, youth services: Erica Peterson; membership and development: Susan Appleby; and members at large: Claude Kordus, Erika Desjardins and Susan Bailey Cowan.

“We’re so proud of this building and about what we do here,” Appleby said.

Appleby said they are most proud of the intergenerational nature of the library — that there can be a discussion about Alzheimer’s in one room while children celebrate “Talk Like a Pirate Day” in the children’s wing.

“What we’ve worked really hard on during the last two years is creating new reasons for people to visit the library,” Appleby said.

Every Tuesday they have a free yoga program, they hold local author visits, kitchen classes with guest chefs, and author talks four times a year through a collaboration with Warwick’s.

“We’re really proud of all the ways we’re bringing people to the library for different reasons, our vision is to be a real community center for all ages,” Appleby said.

As part of its Annual Meeting, the Guild invited new Rancho Santa Fe Association Manager Bill Overton and members grilled him on his favorite books. Turns out, Overton is a self-proclaimed “book nerd” – his favorite works are by author Robert B. Parker and in his first two months he had the Association staff reading “Our Iceberg is Melting” by John Kotter.

Overton said he could talk about books all day and complimented the work of the Guild. He said he learned that the Association is just one part of a wheel in the community that features so many great non-profits like the Guild.

“It’s nice to be part of such a well-heeled, historic team,” Overton said.