Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to purchase new fleet of golf carts


By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board approved the expenditure of $258,468 to purchase 60 new golf carts for the RSF Golf Club.

According to Manager Al Castro, the current fleet of 56 carts is in its fifth year—the carts usually have a life of four years but the club delayed buying new carts last year thinking they could get one more year in on the fleet before replacing.

The club received bids from the top two golf manufacturers and members tested the carts for six weeks. They plan to purchase from Easy Go and get four additional carts as they have $289,240 in reserve tagged for the expenditure. Easy Go will be purchasing the club’s current fleet and giving them an allowance of $84,000 toward the purchase of the new fleet.

The finance committee reviewed the request on April 23 and recommended approval to the board.

On an unrelated note, Castro mentioned that there has already been movement after the board’s action last month to grant golf membership rights to condo owners. Castro said that already two condo owners in escrow have inquired about memberships

“It is very encouraging to see that,” Castro said.