Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to host ‘Art Walk and Live Jazz’ performance


The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is holding an “Art Walk and Live Jazz” performance on Saturday, July 27, from 5-8 p.m.

The Art Walk will be exhibiting local renowned artists: Jean Wells Hamerslag: Unique mosaic sculptures; Robert Townsend: Original watercolor paintings; John Ratajkowski: Large-scale abstract paintings; Paul Weber: One-of-a-kind metal sculpture; Eva Connell: Bronze cast sculpture; Pat Beck: Original oil paintings; Natalie Tyler: Cast bronze and glass sculpture; Hilary Broyles: Original oil paintings; Margot Wallace: Original oil paintings.

These featured artists have exhibited in California, nationally and internationally at galleries and museums. Their original artworks will be exhibited outdoors at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club during the concert series with a live jazz performance.

For more information about the event, contact: Shanon McCarthy: 858-756-1182;

For more information about the exhibiting artists, contact Natalie Tyler at 510-469-5468;