Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to hold January meeting on tree removal

By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club will hold a public meeting for member input on its tree removal project on Jan. 22 at 4 p.m. A number of trees on the golf course have been tapped for potential removal in an effort to improve playability on the golf course.

The Rancho Santa Fe Association’s Committee on Natural Environment (CONE) met on Dec. 3 to discuss the tree plan, which involves removing a significant number of trees.

According to director Ann Boon, who gave a report on the CONE meeting at the Dec. 6 Association meeting, the tree removal plan has not yet been finalized and needs to be approved by the Golf Club membership.

The committee and the Golf Club representatives both agreed that the tree removal should follow a process that includes a community-wide meeting, Art Jury review and approval, and Association board review and approval.

“There was consensus that the process and final approval will be up to our board,” Boon said. “As it is a community asset, the Association board needs to feel comfortable that the entire community is aware of what is being proposed and has the opportunity to comment.”

Trees proposed for removal will be marked and there will be stakes in the ground were new trees will be planted.