Former resident category at Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club renewed


In its annual review and renewal of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club’s former resident category, the Rancho Santa Fe Association board suggested the club consider bumping up the 10 percent premium that former residents pay for the privilege of remaining at the club.

“I think it’s OK to have former memberships but the board of governors should look at the premium. It’s too rich of a deal for former residents,” said treasurer Kim Eggleston. “There’s no incentive to stay in the Covenant.”

Board member Jerry Yahr agreed that there is room to push that 10 percent, noting it’s not much of a penalty for former members.

Since it was approved in 2011, the RSF Golf Club is required to come back to the board annually to request a continuance for the category. The category grants membership to those who lived 10 years or more in the Covenant that have sold their property and moved. The members have 180 days to convert their membership after they move with no additional enrollment fees. After 180 days, they must pay the difference between their initial enrollment fee and the current fee.

RSF Golf Club Manager Al Castro said there are currently 31 former resident members. Castro said the board has considered the 10 percent premium but decided not to increase it at this time.

The golf club is slated to go to the RSF Association’s finance committee this month with its budget and fee schedule and RSF Association President Ann Boon she hoped they would seriously consider the board’s request to increase the 10 percent premium.