Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club seeks new general manager


The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club is looking for a new general manager. Steve DiZio has managed the club, on a volunteer basis, for the past two years. Steve is the husband of the RSF Garden Club President Helen DiZio.

“He stepped up when the club needed a manager and has done a brilliant job. However, Steve would like to get back to his life. So it’s time for the club to hire a general manager and not rely on volunteers for the day-to-day operations of the organization. Steve and Helen have put in so much time, energy and expertise, it would be impossible to find another volunteer or group of volunteers to do what they have done over the last couple of years.” says Janet Christ, RSF Garden Club board member.

Following a Community Workshop and Strategic Planning Meeting held in July, the Garden Club formed a Strategic Planning Committee to develop forward-looking operational recommendations for review by the board of directors.

“The committee determined that the Garden Club would benefit by hiring a full-time general manager and we have set out to find the right person to fill this spot,” said committee member Barry Zarling. “We are looking for a person with non-profit management experience who can develop and implement operational strategies that will increase membership, improve fundraising, and take the Garden Club to the next level of success. Obviously, the GM would also need to manage and expand the ongoing programs that we have in place. It is a great opportunity for the right person who is interested in managing a local non-profit.”

“From a pure day-to-day standpoint the GM will need to have really great computer skills and be proficient with financial software, desktop publishing and website administration,” said Phil Reilly, also a member of the search committee. “Additionally, the GM will also oversee the use of the clubhouse by members, community organizations and as a special events venue.”

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