Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club creates ‘Petals for Patriots’


The Horticultural Committee of the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club has been participating in a county-wide program called Petals for Patriots. For the past four years the club has been assigned two months each year when the Horticulture Ladies are responsible for putting together several large floral bouquets for display in the hospital at Camp Pendleton.

The beautiful, colorful, fresh flowers enhance the common areas of the hospital where wounded and sick military men and women are being treated. In addition to the flowers, the group also provides large baskets filled with fresh fruits, bananas, citrus, apples and other seasonal produce. The fresh fruit gets taken very quickly, the flowers help to “dress up” the hospital setting while reminding the patients that there is still beauty in the world and most of all that they are thought of by grateful Americans.

Other garden clubs in the San Diego North County provide the flowers at Camp Pendleton the remaining months of the year while garden clubs in South San Diego participate in Petals for Patriots for the Naval Hospital at Balboa Park.

This year the Garden Club is responsible for March and April. It is a privilege and honor to do this effortless task for those who have done so much.

— Ginger Bord