Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club Annual Award Winners for 2012


By Helen DiZio, president, RSF Garden Club

Congratulations again to the RSF Garden Club’s annual award winners. Each year the Board of Directors of the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club chooses from among their many generous supporters to honor those who have had the greatest impact of the year. This year we are happy to celebrate, three standouts.

Jeannette, a long-time member of the club often quietly surprises us with a check. Her timely financial contribution to the club this year helped us renovate the resale shop. Because of her generosity we have a fresh new look and substantially more sales. We feel people are thinking of us more often when they look to donate goods. Profits from our shop are what keep the roof over our head and our doors open for community and charitable events. Thank you Jeanette, you have made a difference.

Suzanne has worked tirelessly for many years at the club in so many ways. Often she works in the background, designing, decorating, organizing, planning, cleaning or on whatever is required to make our events a success. She’s always there for us and always there with that incredible smile. Floral design, being a passion of hers, she often represents the club at the annual Christmas Tree Festival in Balboa Park. We couldn’t do all that we do without her. Thank you Suzanne you have made a difference.

Courtney has been involved with the RSF Garden Club for the past two years. Her generous financial support as naming sponsor of the Rambling Thru the Ranch Garden Tour and Float Sponsor of RSF 4th of July parade has instilled in us confidence and provided us with the finances needed to forge ahead. She has a great sense of community and understands the importance of our club to Rancho Santa Fe and wants to be a part of it. Thank you Courtney, we are proud to have you and the Liddy Group behind us. You have made a difference.

Congratulations to our honorees, you’ve inspired us all!