Rancho Santa Fe Foundation to move to Rancho Santa Fe Plaza


The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation is moving from the Union Bank Building in the Village of Rancho Santa Fe to the Rancho Santa Fe Plaza on the corner of Manchester and Rancho Santa Fe Road. The center has been owned and managed by Pete Fletcher and his family for nearly 25 years. The Foundation plans to be in its new space by Sept. 1, and will welcome the community with an Open House soon after.

“Many people don’t realize that Union Bank has donated our current office space, rent-free for the past 15 years,” said Christy Wilson, RSF Foundation executive director. “We are extremely grateful for their generous support, and our partnership with them will continue even when we’re not sharing the same building.”

“We are a community foundation,” said Neil Hokanson, RSF Foundation board chairman. “Our office space is changing, but our commitment to the Rancho Santa Fe community remains the same.”

“This is a sound business decision. Our priority is to provide excellent and cost-effective stewardship of the philanthropic funds entrusted to us, and this move enables us to do that,” Hokanson said. “In fact, we considered several options for staying in the Village of Rancho Santa Fe, but they turned out not to be financially feasible for us. We are providing for the long-term, sustainable growth of the Foundation and our mission to serve others with this move to Rancho Santa Fe Plaza.”

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation was founded in 1981 by a group of community-minded residents who sought a more efficient and effective channel for local philanthropy. Today, the Foundation and its donors support nonprofits in Rancho Santa Fe, throughout San Diego County, the nation and the world.

In 2012, donors with donor advised funds at the Foundation gave $1.8 million to nonprofits – 20 percent to organizations in Rancho Santa Fe; 53 percent to nonprofits in San Diego County (outside of RSF); 24 percent to organizations in the US beyond SD County; and 3 percent to international nonprofits.

“Our strong roots in Rancho Santa Fe help us understand and serve this community,” Wilson said. “We will continue to rely on this support, and that of others throughout San Diego County, to provide the philanthropic assets necessary to support and enhance a viable region.”

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