Rancho Santa Fe - based Freedom Frontline to host post-election discussion at Del Mar Hilton


By Diane Y. Welch

Freedom Frontline, an organization whose mission is to educate its members and others about the political process, will hold an “Informative Evening” on Thursday, Nov. 13, at the Del Mar Hilton, after the election primaries.

Genevieve Wood, a senior contributor for The Heritage Foundation, and Jason Cabel Roe, a Washington, D.C., veteran with more than 20 years’ campaign experience and knowledge of government policy, are speakers for the event.

Both will analyze and give a recap of the election results and what may be expected politically in 2016.

During the evening, members will have the opportunity to elect candidates to Freedom Frontline’s board.

Freedom Frontline was born from Fairbanks Republican Women Federated, a local chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women. Ursula Kuster of Rancho Santa Fe, past president of FRWF, which recently closed its doors, agreed to head up Freedom Frontline.

Its mission is “to educate, inspire and encourage participation in the political process.” The organization seeks to constitutionally correct solutions to the challenges facing the USA, according to its website.

Vivian Hardage is serving as an adviser to Freedom Frontline, providing historical background from FRWF. She was active during its 20-year run, when it amassed nearly 500 members and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for political and charitable causes.

From its inception, FRWF’s approach deviated from strict national guidelines, she said. It had a male auxiliary, a teenage arm, and was engaged philanthropically. “We were rabble- rousers,” joked Hardage. But it is these same elements that form the basis of the new organization.

Former members of FRWF recognized that many younger potential voters seemed uninterested in politics in general, and that the Republican brand did not foster their interest. They felt that a new centrist-conservative approach was needed to get new people involved, refreshing the organization with younger members who had different ideas.

“So we regrouped and formed Freedom Frontline to include people who might call themselves independent, or libertarians, or may not even call themselves anything, because they are uninformed voters,” said Hardage. “We want to reach out to have a discussion, to introduce new members to others to see if there is a fit, to see if they can be involved.”

Kuster didn’t hesitate to lead the new organization. “We brainstormed for a new name and a presentation that represents the upholding of all of America, not just San Diego County,” said Kuster. “We will start at home first, but my vision is that on a national level, we can educate people of all ages about their constitutional responsibilities.”

Originally from West Germany, Kuster immigrated to the U.S. in 1987, becoming a U.S. citizen. “It gave me a different perspective on the country, as I had to learn a lot about the function of government,” she explained.

A businesswoman, Kuster owns and runs a skin care manufacturing company, CA Botana International. She volunteers with the Salvation Army, is a proponent for mentoring young adults and believes in being educated and involved. About government, Kuster said, “You can sit back and do nothing, or you can step in to make a difference.”

Freedom Frontline will form coalitions and has plans to reach into education and to work with the military and other political organizations. Its coalition with The Heritage Foundation is already in place. Philanthropy will continue to be a focus. And there will be a strong emphasis on mentoring young women and men to bring them into the field of politics, said Kuster.

Register online at to attend Freedom Frontline’s “Informative Evening,” $45 for members, $50 for nonmembers, $20 for students. The event will start at 5:30 p.m. at the Del Mar Hilton, 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar. Membership registration is also available online.