Rancho Santa Fe Association’s plan to buy Garden Club

Roxana Foxx

By President Roxana Foxx, RSF Association board

At the RSF Association’s March 21 meeting, the board decided to begin the formal process of moving forward with the proposed purchase of the RSF Garden Club property. Since I joined the board almost three years ago, we have been working with representatives of the Garden Club board to explore any and all options to protect this valuable community resource.

The operating challenges that face many nonprofit volunteer boards are exacerbated at the Garden Club due to the size and scope of the facility under management. With an 80 percent drop in membership from a peak of 1,500, and the ever-increasing costs of maintaining the building, maintaining the Garden Club as a viable entity has become a burden, especially considering that the vast majority of the use of the facilities is by non-Garden Club community groups. To their credit, for all of these years, the Garden Club volunteers have maintained these facilities for our benefit.

The Garden Club board and the Association board have agreed on a new operating structure that will provide for the continued use by the Garden Club to hold their events and meetings while the Association takes over the operating responsibility. The facilities will be owned by the Association and will continue to be available to all Covenant community groups and Covenant members to hold family events. All of the proceeds from the acquisition of the property will be held as an endowment at the RSF Foundation for the benefit of the Covenant community.

On April 5, the Association will be mailing ballots to all registered voters of the Association for an advisory vote on the purchase. That ballot will include detailed information outlining the proposal, which will also be available on our website at Additionally, the RSF Review carried a very informative article about the purchase on the front page of its March 28 issue (and the story can be read on the Review’s web site at Your Association board encourages you to support the acquisition of this historic community asset. Please call Pete Smith at the Association office with any questions.

At the April 4 meeting, the Association board will be discussing the proposed Covenant modification which changes the zoning on the Garden Club property to provide for Association ownership. During that agenda item the board will be available to answer questions.

I encourage everyone to take a look at the proposal and let us know what you think. You may also communicate with the board by email through the Association office at