Rancho Santa Fe Association’s efforts to boost broadband progress


By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association has received a preliminary proposal from AT&T to improve high-speed internet and wireless communications in the Covenant. Companies Time Warner and Cox Cable are also interested in submitting proposals to provide the Ranch with high-speed internet, according to Acting RSF Association Manager Ivan Holler.

“I’m pleased we’re making progress; we’ve been working on this for quite a while,” said Holler. “It’s good news but we still need more information.”

At the RSF Association board’s September retreat, they had a discussion on broadband and wireless technology and were able to connect with several industry professionals, including an executive from Qualcomm.

Staff and RSF Association Director Philip Wilkinson also met with ExteNet, the utility that owns the Distributed Antenna Network (DAS) in Rancho Santa Fe, about possible enhancements to their network, such as stand-alone antennas. The installation of stand-alone antennas would require a modification to the Wireless Community Master Plan as would any increase beyond the 53 DAS nodes that were previously approved.

There are 48 nodes on utility poles within the Covenant.