Rancho Santa Fe Association suspends membership privileges due to delinquent assessments


By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board voted to suspend the membership privileges of 20 members who are delinquent in paying their second installment of their 2012-13 assessments.

According to Steve Comstock, RSF Association chief financial officer, three of the 20 members on the list to be suspended have issued a “promise to pay” by June 14. Comstock will come back to the board in 30 days with any remaining delinquent members for the next step in the collection process — the placement of liens on their properties.

Of the group of members who were delinquent on their first installment for 2012-13, the board suspended 30 memberships as its first step and by the time liens were placed, only 12 delinquencies remained. As of last week, only two members remain of that group to pay their first assessments.

“We’re finding that the process of breaking it up into two parts is very effective,” Comstock said.