Rancho Santa Fe Association sees uptick in voter registration


By Karen Billing

About 72 percent of the Covenant community is now registered to vote, a total of 1,945 members. Rancho Santa Fe Association President Philip Wilkinson said that 241 new registered voters have been added since Feb. 28, bringing up the previous 62 percent voter registration. Wilkinson said they had erroneously estimated only 50 percent were registered.

The board made voter registration a priority and sent out mailers; other community members had handed out flyers and taken out ads in this publication.

“I think our efforts to accomplish the goal to get everybody registered is paying off,” Wilkinson said.

By the RSF Association’s current estimates, there are approximately 765 eligible voters that are not registered. Wilkinson said he does not know how feasible it is to get all of those eligible to register as many have primary residences located out of state.

Wilkinson said an RSF Association committee has been formed to review the voter registration process, including ways to make it easier. Acting RSF Association Manager Ivan Holler said secretary Daria Quay had a great idea to act as a personal “concierge” for the eight to 10 new Association members they have every month. Quay will personally walk new residents through the voter registration process to get them registered right away, in addition to informing them about Association amenities.