Rancho Santa Fe Association seeks to make new residents feel more welcome


By Karen Billing

RSF Association Acting Manager Ivan Holler said the Rancho Santa Fe Association continues to make strides toward welcoming new residents to the Covenant and getting them registered to vote right away. At the Aug. 7 board meeting, Holler said they have revised their welcome letter to include voter registration information and will also follow up within the next 30 to 60 days if the new members have not yet registered.

When escrow changes, the RSF Association first reaches out to the residents, Holler said. Since January, 61 properties have been sold and of the 86 eligible to register to vote, 32 have completed registration.

Holler said the association is also now offering a welcome basket for new members, which will include a bottle of wine and an invitation to the RSF Golf Club; a sleeve of tennis balls with a free lesson at the RSF Tennis Club; an equestrian directory of services; a flashlight with the RSF Patrol’s number; a trail map and rules; a 50 percent-off coupon for a class at the RSF Community Center; and a coffee table book on the RSF village.