Rancho Santa Fe Association memberships suspended for delinquent payments


By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association suspended the membership privileges of 19 Covenant members who are delinquent in paying their second installment of the 2011-12 assessments.

According to Steve Comstock, RSF Association chief financial officer, these payments were considered late as of April 20. As of two weeks ago, there were almost 70 people who were late paying their second installment of the 2011-2012 assessment.

“We expect the list to diminish even further,” said Comstock. “These individuals have taken the dates all the way out to the end.”

In the first 2011-12 assessment payment, 25 property owners had their membership privileges revoked and by the time the Association came back for the lien it was down to seven.

The next step after suspension, which takes away voting privileges and access to the golf and tennis club, is to place a lien on the property. A pre-lien letter will be sent and Comstock will return to the board on Aug. 2 to request liens of the 19 property owners if they still have not paid.