Rancho Santa Fe Association intersection committee to be formed


By Karen Billing

Last February, the Rancho Santa Fe Association considered the Environmental Impact Report for the Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Highway roundabouts, concluding that a committee should be formed to look at the possible alternative of traffic signals. While the Association is just now in the process of approving the composition of that volunteer committee, Rancho Santa Fe Association Assistant Manager Ivan Holler said they have not been sitting idle for the last seven months.

Since February, the RSF Association staff has been meeting with the county to discuss preparing a request for proposal (RFP) for traffic signal design and engineering in order for the committee to perform a “meaningful comparison” and to give the county information it would utilize. The RFP was sent out for bids in August and the Association has received proposals from three firms.

With the proposals in, the committee should be able to hit the ground running, Holler said.

At their Sept. 19 meeting, the RSF Association board members approved the criteria they will use in selecting their Intersection Study Committee. The call for candidates will conclude on Sept. 23 and the board will interview all applicants and decide on their selection based on five points, including: residency in the Covenant for five years to ensure they have some history and knowledge of the roundabout discussions; no involvement in a business that could stand to profit from the design, engineering or construction of either option; a strong understanding of the community’s historic character; no connection to a direct financial impact — positive or negative — for the construction of either option.

One possible requirement the board debated was that the committee member should have previous experience on Association committees such as the Art Jury or Road and Traffic.

“In an effort to encourage community involvement I would give less weight to that or just broaden it to ‘community involvement,’” director Heather Slosar said.

The board agreed, with director Craig McAllister saying that if people are passionate about the topic and willing to step up to the plate, there shouldn’t be that kind of barrier to their participation.

The board will interview candidates at its first meeting in October.