Rancho Santa Fe Association supports California Highway Patrol programs


As it has every year since 1999, the Rancho Santa Fe Association made contributions to the California Highway Patrol’s Senior Volunteer Patrol (SVP) and Explorers, a program that provides experience for youth interested in law enforcement careers.

At its June 2 meeting, the RSF Association board presented a check to the Explorers for $4,500. The Senior Volunteers received their $4,000 donation prior to the meeting.

Both programs operate on a limited budget and receive no additional funding from the state so the Association’s contribution is extremely valuable.

CHP Officer George Salas, the Explorer coordinator, said the Association’s generosity allows them to purchase equipment, buy uniforms and allows Explorers to participate in competitions.

Explorer Sergeant Brad Search, 20, said he began the post when he was 18 and it is “one of the best things he’s ever done” opening his eyes to the world of law enforcement.

Senior Volunteer Patrol Capt. John Green, who has been a member of the patrol for 18 years, said the Association’s support is instrumental in helping them meet their responsibilities.

In Rancho Santa Fe, SVP helps with school traffic, traffic control for accidents, checking on and reporting abandoned vehicles and donates over 182,000 hours in support of public safety.

Both Senior Volunteer Patrol and Explorers were on hand at the July 4 parade to help keep the event running safely and smoothly.