Rancho Santa Fe Association Compensation Committee bylaw change language to be reviewed

By Karen Billing

A bylaw change to establish a Compensation Committee will be discussed at the March 20 Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting. Staff has coordinated with legal counsel to prepare the draft language regarding the bylaw change, as well as write the committee’s charter, but at the RSF Association board’s March 6 meeting, the board directors stated they needed more time to review the language.

An ad-hoc compensation committee was established in August 2013 to review all human resource (HR) issues, such as salaries, benefits, vacation accruals and best practices for hiring and termination. Directors Ann Boon and Larry Spitcaufsky spearheaded the creation of a permanent committee to review those HR matters, as well as take a deep look at issues such as who approves compensation and how contracts are approved.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had this kind of exhaustive review of HR practices in the recent past, maybe never,” RSF Association Board President Philip Wilkinson said.

During public comment, RSF resident Patty Queen remarked on how she felt Association employees’ compensation has been “attacked” in the last few weeks. She complimented the staff members for their hard work and loyalty, specifically citing what they went through during the Dolan-King lawsuit that stretched out over a decade regarding an unapproved installation of a wrought-iron fence. She said one staff member was punched in the face, another threatened at home, and RSF Association Manager Pete Smith had to get protection.

“They not only kept doing their jobs but so much more,” Queen said. “They deserve their compensation and I hope they will continue to be compensated generously.”