Rancho Santa Fe Association Buzz: Art Jury candidates needed


By RSF Association President Jack Quee


At the Sept. 15 board meeting, the Association board was in the position of selecting a member to serve on the board. As near as anyone can remember, this was a first for a Rancho Santa Fe Association board.

The process began when we posted the opening and asked for volunteers from the general membership. The good news is that the response was tremendous as there were six very well qualified candidates that stepped forward. The bad news was also that we had six very well qualified candidates which made the decision very hard to make. Prior to the Sept. 15 meeting, the entire board, as a group, interviewed each of the candidates and asked a series of questions. However, the actual selection of the director was made in open session on Sept. 15 by secret ballot and Eamon Callahan was selected.

I think that Eamon was an excellent choice and will complement the current makeup on the board. He brings to the table a solid knowledge of the Covenant, having lived here for almost 17 years and made it clear in his interview that he has the desire and the time to get involved.

Speaking of getting involved, our Art Jury nominating Committee is still looking for candidates for the open seat on the Art Jury.

As I have mentioned before, both my wife, Patty, and I have served on the Art Jury. I can tell you that it is a great experience and an excellent way to give something back to the community. If you have any interest in serving on the Art Jury or know of someone that would be a good fit, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee or Pete Smith at the Association office with your suggestion. We really need a couple of candidates.