Rancho Santa Fe Association board may move to once-a-month meetings


By Karen Billing

Due to recent light agendas, the Rancho Santa Fe Association board has requested staff look into the possibility of meeting just once per month rather than twice.

RSF Association Assistant Manager Ivan Holler said even when agendas are light they require several hours of staff preparation the week before the meeting. Additionally, several staff members attend each meeting so reducing the frequency of meetings to once a month would save about 20 hours of staff time.

Historically, the Association board has modified its meeting times over the years. Holler pointed out an interesting change that occurred in 1943 when the board switched to once a month due to gasoline rationing and the need to conserve tires and rubber.

Currently, the bylaws specify date and time, and due to the last revision of bylaws being decided by a community-wide vote, any subsequent revisions also must be voted on by members. To change the meeting dates would also require a community mailing and public hearing before the ballot was mailed for a 30-day voting period.

The board directed staff to look at ways to give the board the flexibility to hold one meeting a month with the option of a second as needed without having to go to a community-wide vote.