Rancho Santa Fe Association Board Biz: Volunteers, voting and vision


By Ann Boon, President,

Rancho Santa Fe Association Board

It is definitely true that your Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors is a working board. Our lengthy agenda from the Oct. 2 meeting should attest to that. It is also true that our committees are hard-working groups of individuals as well. It is at the committee level that challenges are identified, ideas are developed, and strategies are shaped.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our community.

At the end of this calendar year, two positions on the Covenant Design Review Committee will become available. The Nominating Committee for these appointments is being formed. In the meantime, please don’t wait for a call from us! Volunteers are welcome. If you have an interest in the aesthetics of our community and have an affinity for reading building plans, please call the Association office and offer your name to Ivan Holler: 858-756-1174; or you may email me at

Voter registration and participation

have been hot topics all this year. Our current voting rights rules state basically that each member or property is entitled to one vote. The exception is property that is owned by a husband and wife, in which case both husband and wife receive one vote. The RSF Association board has asked our attorneys to draft language that would entitle each property to two votes. There are a few details that would need to be worked out to accommodate trusts and corporate owners. The board will review this language in our Nov. 6 meeting. If approved, this significant change would be sent out to all members for approval.

In the meantime, our Voter Registration Committee is working with staff to streamline our registration process and to increase registration. If you have recently purchased property in the Covenant and have not yet registered to vote, please stop by the Association office to fill out your registration form. Your effort will be rewarded with a lovely welcome gift basket!

Speaking of voting,

you will have an opportunity to vote

on an important issue very soon. Next week, you will be receiving the ballot on which you may vote to direct the Association board to invest approximately $350,000 to have professionals help with a 6- to 9- month Planning Phase for a proposed Health Club. For the past nine months, a group of volunteers — which included expert professionals working pro bono — has worked tirelessly on the Preliminary Feasibility Study phase for this project. The volunteers accomplished a lot, but it is now time to pay professionals if we are to understand fully the scope and cost of the proposed project.

The funds requested in this upcoming vote would be spent on member surveys, engineering studies, architectural designs, detailed cost analysis and financing structure. Members will be surveyed and allowed ample opportunities for input during the Planning Phase. There are funds in Free Reserves to support the Planning Phase. Although the Association board could have authorized this expenditure without a vote, we elected to give our members the opportunity to weigh in before we move forward. Remember, this is not a vote on whether to build or not to build. This is a vote to PLAN. There will be another ballot next year on whether to build or not.

Your staff, your volunteer committees and your board are working together to

move forward with a vision for a vibrant Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe.

We hope you will step up, volunteer where you can, vote “YES” and move forward with us.