Rancho Santa Fe Association approves Compensation Committee bylaw change


By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association now officially has a compensation committee to look closely into wages, salaries and benefits, and to make sure best human resources practices are in place. The board approved bylaw changes to establish a permanent compensation committee at its May 15 meeting.

An ad-hoc compensation committee has been working since August 2013 to review salaries, benefits and other human resources issues. RSF Association President Philip Wilkinson said in working with a human resources consultant, they have already made changes to their vacation and sick policies that will save $1 million in the next five years.

Per the compensation committee’s charter, the group will be composed of three members from the board, one of whom is the treasurer.

A notice of the hearing to approve the bylaw change was sent to all Association members 15 days prior to its adoption.

RSF resident David Moon said he opposed the fact that the committee would only be comprised of directors and not members of the community. He felt that residents should be given more input on decisions, such as the manager’s salary.

RSF resident Joe Murria shared a different opinion, saying that involving community members may be like opening up “Pandora’s Box.” He said the proposed committee composition, of people elected to represent the members, sounds very democratic in principle.

Director and current member of the ad-hoc compensation committee Jerry Yahr said it is inappropriate to discuss personnel matters with the members and RSF Association treasurer Larry Spitcaufsky agreed, saying they have learned recently that employee issues are sensitive issues. RSF Association Vice President Rochelle Putnam stated that fiscal oversight is one of the core responsibilities of the board members so it is appropriate that those elected members would form the committee.

At the May 15 meeting, the board also appointed members to the new ad-hoc committee on voter registration. Only two members applied to serve on the committee and were appointed: Scott DeGoler and Allen Finkelson. The board also tapped directors Craig McAllister and Rochelle Putnam to serve on the committee.