Rancho Santa Fe Art Jury adopts new guidelines


By Karen Billing

The Art Jury has recently adopted new Guidelines for Art Jury Hearings as a result of a information learned at a retreat by the National Conflict Resolution Center. Robert Green, Association building commissioner, said the Art Jury members train with the center every three years when new members join the Art Jury and the training has been very helpful.

The guidelines put in place try to make people feel more comfortable with the process, beginning with Art Jury members coming from behind the table to meet applicants before they begin the project review. The Art Jury members try to provide homeowners with general direction to help solve any problems without limiting creativity. The Art Jury also tries to end each hearing on a positive note.

“A lot of people have the wrong impression about the Art Jury, that they’re draconian, they cause all kinds of problems, that you can’t build anything,” said RSF Association Director Eamon Callahan. “ The Art Jury is not that way at all.”

Director Anne Feighner agreed, noting that many times a project improves after it goes through the process.

“It’s a process that has been honed over the years and we believe it works quite well,” Green said.

Callahan and director Roxana Foxx said that the Art Jury should keep open communication the with real estate community so that local Realtors will let prospective homeowners know that the Art Jury process is meant to encourage, not frighten.