Ranch and coast real estate tips: adding value to your San Diego home for sale


By Patricia Kramer and Patricia Lou Martin

Ranch and coast real estate

throughout San Diego is enjoying a business boom this spring. For those looking to capitalize on the current seller’s market, small, affordable repairs and upgrades are the key to boosting curb appeal and increasing the odds of a great offer. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your San Diego home for sale – and secure the funds you need to begin shopping for the property of your dreams.

Assessing real estate value

Before getting ready to sell your home, it helps to have an idea of what the property is worth – and what you can do to boost property value before listing the home for sale. According to today’s real estate experts, there are several key factors that influence home value. These include the location, size, age, condition, amenities and upgrades of a property, as well as current buyer trends and preferences and the supply and demand fluctuations in any given market. Of course, some of these are beyond the seller’s control. But others – especially the condition, curb appeal and even some buyer preferences – can be easily adjusted to suit the state of the market and boost buyer interest.

Investing in affordable upgrades for a faster, more lucrative sale

As noted in past


, small upgrades and repairs can be enormously helpful when it comes to preparing your home for sale. However, it is important to balance the costs of any pre-sale projects with the overall value they may add to the home. Unless they are absolutely necessary, large-scale renovations are best avoided. Instead, make your property shine by focusing on the little things: manicure the yard, lighten and brighten interiors and exteriors with fresh paint and basic repairs, clean every corner of your home and make sure to de-clutter so that the natural light and character of the space can shine through.

Make the best real estate investment: choose an expert realtor

Quick fixes and small adjustments can work wonders with buyers. But in order to make the most of your efforts, remember that nothing beats the personalized guidance and advice of an expert

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