R. Roger Rowe School demonstrates a commitment to ‘Acts of Kindness’


The R. Roger Rowe School of RSF, has embraced Rachel’s Challenge in a huge way! The school’s Acts of Kindness Program is off to a strong start with room moms and teachers coordinating projects in the classrooms that emphasize making a difference in the lives of others. Here are a few of their most recent activities.

School-wide, on Sept. 15, teachers, students and parents joined in the California Coastal Cleanup Day at San Elijo Lagoon. From this day forward to now, the acts of kindness events keep growing!

•First grade students whose grade level theme is service to our seniors has created and delivered wonderful placemats for the seniors at Atria Senior Facility in Encinitas.

•Second grade classes whose grade level theme is pets and animals are raising money for “Doggie Bowls” for Helen Woodward. In keeping with the 2nd grade animal theme, Mrs. Valentine’s class made four doggie beds for an animal shelter.

•Third grade is doing caring community acts for the environment this year. On Oct. 5, they went to the Batiquitos Lagoon and Ponto Beach for a field trip. While at the beach, they participated in a beach clean-up.

•Fifth grade students will be servicing those in need and have done a wonderful job promoting and collecting shoes for kids in San Diego. They have collected over 300 pairs of shoes.

•Sixth graders are performing chores to earn money to buy malaria nets for a village in Indonesia. Their goal is to collect enough for 100 nets. They are off to a good start and are able to buy 40 nets so far.

The Roger Rowe School hopes that all of their Acts of Kindness events will help to trigger a chain reaction to other schools within our community and state to do the same! For more information on Rachel’s Challenge, visit www.rachelschallenge.or

— Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation