Purchase of RSF Garden Club property should be approved


For the past two years, the boards of the RSF Association and the RSF Garden Club have worked cooperatively to structure a transaction under which the Garden Club property would become a Rancho Santa Fe Association asset, preserving it for the benefit of the entire community. Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to work this out.

In an earlier advisory vote, this transaction was approved – at least in principle – by an overwhelming majority of the community and Garden Club members.

In my opinion, recent debate regarding the advisability of going forward with the transaction is not surprising, given the diversity of interests in this community. However, I believe that the merits far outweigh any potential down side. The transaction is a benefit to the entire community: it preserves a valuable community asset, it allows the Garden Club to continue its activities, and it establishes a fund that will benefit our community for years to come. And, it will not preclude future community projects such as a pool, fitness center, or reclaimed water project.

It’s time to approve it and move on.

Bill Weber, Rancho Santa Fe