Public comment wanted on maps for water district


By Joe Tash


Directors of the Santa Fe Irrigation District have narrowed a list of possible redistricting maps to two top candidates, which will be available for public review and comment at two upcoming board meetings.

The district, which provides water to some 20,000 residents in Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch and Solana Beach, is required to rebalance the populations of its five divisions following the U.S. Census, which was conducted in 2010. The district is governed by an elected, five-member board, and each member is elected from one of the five districts.

District staff prepared five potential redistricting maps, and the board narrowed the list to two maps at its meeting on Thursday, Oct. 20.

Discussion of the maps will be placed on two upcoming board agendas to allow the public to comment on them. The board will vote on a final map after the second meeting.

District general manager Michael Bardin said most of the district’s population growth occurred in Division 2, which includes the eastern portion of Solana Beach. Divisions 4 and 5, which cover the coastal area, will have minor changes, while Divisions 1 and 3, which include the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant and Fairbanks Ranch, will remain virtually unchanged.

The district’s board of directors includes: Ken Dunford, Division 1; Robert “Bud” Irvin, Division 2; John Ingalls, Division 3; Michael Hogan, Division 4; and Andy Menshek, Division 5. The terms of Irvin and Dunford expire in 2012, while the terms of the other three directors expire in 2014.